Advanced Electrodynamics

Course Outline: This course is designed to provide the foundation for graduate research in electromagnetics. In this course we will develop a more rigorous mathematical understanding of electromagnetic waves and their interactions with materials and structures. Specifically, this course will cover: Maxwell’s equations, constitutive relations and boundary conditions, wave polarization, plane waves, reflection and transmission, waveguides, scattering, and radiation. It is assumed that the students have a general knowledge of vector analysis, differential and integral calculus and have completed an introductory course in electromagnetic theory. The following topics are planned:
1. Review of Vector Calculus and Introduction to EM
2. Review of Electrostatics/Magnetostatics
3. Review of Electrodynamics
4. Wave Equation and its Solutions
5. Wave Propagation and Polarization
6. Reflection and Transmission
7. Introduction to Waveguides
8. Introduction to EM Scattering and Radiation
Course Instructor: Amir Jafargholi
Course Grading:
Final Test 40%
Homework 30%
Class Participation 30%