Power System II

Course Outline: The course will help students understand how power systems are modeled both at the distribution and transmission levels. The course covers long-distance transmission of electric power with emphasis on admittance and impedance modeling of components and system, power-flow studies and calculations, symmetrical and unsymmetrical fault calculations, economic operation of large-scale generation and transmission systems. Emphasis is on applications of computer-based methods to power-system problems. The following topics are planned:
1. Introduction, review of phasors and three phase power
2. Transmission line parameter computation and analysis
3. Models for transformers, generators, and loads
4. Power flow analysis and control
5. Generation Control, economic dispatch and restructuring
6. Advanced Topics (Seminar)
Course Reference:
1. Power Systems Analysis and Design, Glover.
2. Power system analysis. McGraw-Hill, J. Grainger.
3. Power system analysis, Saadat.
4. Electrical Machines, Drivers and Power System, Wildi.
Course Instructor: Amir Jafargholi
Course T.A.:
Course Grading:
Final Exam 20%
Midterm 20%
Homework 30%
Quizzes 30%
Take-home Projects +15%
Seminar +15%